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Our bioinformatics toolkit offers a range of powerful tools designed to assist researchers in various molecular biology tasks.


1 / CF TG Tract - Poly T Haplotyper

This tool is specifically designed for the analysis of the CFTR TG tract region and the identification of poly T haplotypes. It allows researchers to input DNA sequences containing the TG tract and performs haplotype analysis to identify the presence of poly T repeats. This information can be crucial for studying genetic variations associated with diseases like cystic fibrosis. The tool provides accurate haplotype predictions and facilitates the analysis of genetic data related to poly T repeats in this region.

2 / Reverse Complement Sequence Converter

The Reverse Complement Sequence Converter tool simplifies the process of obtaining the reverse complement of a given DNA or RNA sequence. Users can input a sequence, and the tool automatically generates the reverse complement sequence. This functionality is particularly useful when designing primers, verifying sequence integrity, or performing sequence alignments. By quickly obtaining the reverse complement, researchers can save time and ensure accuracy in their molecular biology experiments.

3 / GC content calculator

Our GC content calculator is a valuable tool for analyzing DNA sequences. It calculates the GC content as a percentage and provides a breakdown of nucleotide counts (A, T, G, C). Additionally, it determines the melting temperature (Tm) of the sequence. For example, the output might display "50% GC Content, 2(A), 2(T), 2(G), 2(C), Tm = 24°C." This information is essential for understanding sequence composition, stability, and potential functional implications, making it a useful tool for molecular biologists and bioinformaticians.


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